Ted Hoff's Role in the Microprocessor
The Intel 4004 Microprocessor and the Silicon Gate Technology
A testimonial from Federico Faggin, designer of the 4004 and developer of its enabling technology
Ted Hoff's Role in the Microprocessor
In this clip, from a Clarence Larson Interview (Dec. 22, 1988), Ted Hoff clearly describes his role as architect and not as designer of the microprocessor.


This is the transcript of interview clip: “So I am not an MOS designer in other words I.. what I knew of  design of the circuits is what I picked up at Intel, a little bit of knowledge of MOS technology from  before. So my role was primarily in doing the architecture and then later-on doing support for the products. So after the architecture was done, the instruction set defined, it was turned over to the MOS design team, they carried it..from there.”
The copy of the full interview can be found on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtqF2gUsiU4

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