Ted Hoff With The 8080
The Intel 4004 Microprocessor and the Silicon Gate Technology
A testimonial from Federico Faggin, designer of the 4004 and developer of its enabling technology
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Ted Hoff holding the 8080, not the 4004
Promotional picture of Ted Hoff holding the 8080 microprocessor that was conceived, architected, and led by Federico Faggin without any significant contribution by Hoff.

The above picture was used by Intel to promote Hoff as the inventor of the 4004 and the 8080. It was Federico Faggin who actually invented the key MOS silicon gate design methodology and led the chip design of all Intel’s early microprocessors: 4004, 8008, 4040 and 8080.

Faggin and his team created the 8080, the world’s first 2nd generation microprocessor with much higher performance than the first generation chips (4004, 8008 and 4040). The 8080 found innumerable applications previously impossible and became extremely successful, to be eventually superseded by the more powerful 3rd generation Z80 CPU, created at Zilog Inc., the microprocessor company founded by Faggin.

1. The yearly performance review by Les Vadasz (from 12/72 to 12/73) which covers the architecture and development of the 8080.
2. US patent 4,010,449 “MOS computer employing a plurality of separate chips,” by Federico Faggin et al. This is the only patent covering the 8080, and Hoff is not one of the inventors.
3. Federico Faggin's signature on the 4004.
4. 4004 Microprocessor Display at New Intel Museum (1992)
5. "The Designer Behind the World's First Microprocessor - Federico Faggin"
Filmed at the Intel Museum in Santa Clara, California, and sponsored by Intel.