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The Intel 4004 Microprocessor and the Silicon Gate Technology
A testimonial from Federico Faggin, designer of the 4004 and developer of its enabling technology
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Silicon Gate Technology
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Earliest papers on the Silicon Gate Technology (SGT) and the Fairchild 3708:
Faggin, F., Klein, T., and Vadasz, L.: "Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor Integrated Circuits With Silicon Gates".
The Silicon Gate Technology, developed in 1968 by Federico Faggin at Fairchild Semiconductor, was first presented by Faggin at the IEEE International Electron Device Meeting on October 23, 1968 in Washington DC.
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Earliest papers on the Fairchild 3708:
Federico Faggin and Thomas Klein.: "A Faster Generation Of MOS Devices With Low Thresholds Is Riding The Crest Of The New Wave, Silicon-Gate ICs". "Electronics" magazine, September 29, 1969.
The cover features the Fairchild 3708, the world's first commercial integrated circuit using Silicon Gate Technology, designed by Federico Faggin at Fairchild in 1968.
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Earliest papers on the Silicon Gate Technology (SGT):
F. Faggin, T. Klein "Silicon Gate Technology", "Solid State Electronics", 1970, Vol. 13, pp. 1125-1144.

Earliest papers on the MCS-4, the first microprocessor:
F. Faggin and M .E. Hoff: "Standard Parts And Custom Design Merge In A Four-Chip Processor Kit." " Electronics" magazine, April 24, 1972.

F. Faggin, M.Shima, M.E. Hoff, Jr., H. Feeney, S. Mazor: "The MCS-4 An LSI Microcomputer System", presented at the IEEE 1972 Region Six Conference.

Early papers on MOS:
Faggin F., Capocaccia F. "A New Integrated MOS Shift Register". Atti XV Congresso Scientifico Internazionale per l'Elettronica, Roma, aprile 1968, pp. 143-152.
This paper describes a novel static MOS Shift Register, developed at SGS-Fairchild, that Faggin later used in the MCS-4 chips, including the 4004.